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There are 5 exams, each worth 40 points.  Exams may include multiple-choice, fill-in-the-blank, short-answer, and long-answer items.  The tests cover material from the text, class, and web sites.  Study guides for each exam will be available at the class site at least one week before the scheduled date for the test.  

Make-up tests will be arranged for persons with a documented excuse.  You must make up a missed exam prior to the date for the next exam.  Cheating will result in zero points for an exam.

There will be eight class exercises to accompany the material in the text.  The exercises may require work outside of regular class time.  You will be evaluated on timely completion and level of effort in regard to the exercises.  If you are not present for an in-class exercise, an alternative exercise will be identified.  You will have one week from the time of your return to complete the alternative exercise.  Overall the class exercises will be worth up to 40 possible points (at five points possible per exercise). 

You will be required to keep a typed WEEKLY log of your own observations during the semester regarding a team/group in which you are a participant.  This could be a new team that you join/start for the semester or one in which you are currently a member.  Relate your description to material in class or the text.  The weekly entry should be less than a page in length, unless something occurred that was particularly relevant to our discussions.  New log entries are due each Friday throughout the semester beginning on 1/28/19.  Each weekly report is worth up to 5 points or a possible total of up to 65 points.