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PSY 1101:      Exams & Exercises
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There will be 5 multiple-choice exams, each worth 50 points.  Exams cover material from class, the text, and web sites.  Study guides for each exam will be available on the class web site at least 1 week before the scheduled date for the test.

You must make up a missed exam prior to the date for the next exam.  Evidence of cheating will result in zero points for an exam.

Four individual assignments will be posted on the class web site.  Your TYPED responses to the exercises are due in the Dropbox on the date specified in the course schedule.  DO NOT copy, wordsmith, or otherwise plagiarize another student’s response to the exercises.  The exercises are worth up to 40 points total (i.e., 10 points per exercise).  You must make up a missed individual exercise within one week after returning to class.

We will do a group exercise to help you apply information covered in the course.  The exercise requires work, time, and effort outside of class.  Groups will be organized at the time of the exercise.  You should find at least one partner to work with on the exercise.  The group exercise is worth a maximum of 10 points.