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PSY 1101: Introduction to General Psychology

Last Revised:  7/13/21
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Office: 152 South Hall Phone:   (570) 662-4777 E-Mail:    bloher@mansfield.edu
Class Location 104 Allen Hall Class Times:   MWF 10:30 - 11:20 Office Hours:    , or by arrangement

Course Description:
"Designed to familiarize students with the application of scientific psychology to human life.  Emphasis is on 'normal' behavior and its antecedents.  Includes the study of broad categories of human behavior through various psychological models."

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Welcome to Intro Psych!

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American Psychological Association 
Association for Psychological Science 

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Attendance: 10:30 Section
8-23-21 to 10-01-21

10-04-21 to 11-01-21
11-03-21 to 12-03-21
(Last updated on 7-13-21)

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Class Syllabus


Weiten, W. (2017).  Psychology themes & variations:  Briefer version (10th ed.).  Belmont, CA:  Wadsworth/Cengage Learning.  (E-edition)

Plus various Web sites as assigned or recommended.

Communications When necessary, the instructor will communicate with you via e-mail to your official Mansfield University address.  Be sure to periodically check your campus e-mail.

Cancellations It is possible that class will be cancelled due to inclement weather or for other reasons.  If a cancellation appears necessary, please check the top of this page for notification and instructions.  Similarly, if the weather is bad and you feel unsafe in commuting to campus, send me an e-mail and your absence will be counted as excused. 

If you are exhibiting COVID symptoms, please stay at home and get tested.  Keep yourself and others safe.