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Mansfield University Attendance Policy:   (as stated in the MU Catalog)  

"Regular and punctual class attendance is expected. Documented excuses because of illness, serious mitigating circumstances, official military service, or official university representation will be accepted by all faculty members. In these cases, faculty members will permit students to make up all graded course components without penalty in a reasonable manner at a time agreeable to instructor and student. Students must provide documentation before absences can be excused. All instructors are expected to make their class participation and attendance policies clear in the course syllabi. Faculty are encouraged to report two missed classes in a row to absent@mansfield.edu for follow-up."

Class Policy

Consistent with University policy, I take attendance at the start of each class.  You are expected to attend ALL sessions.  If you accumulate more than 3 unexcused absences, your final total is reduced by 2 points for EACH additional absence.  Excused absences (e.g., due to illness, military duty, etc.) will not be penalized given appropriate documentation.  For university activities, the document must be dated and from an appropriate university sponsor.  You have one calendar week after your return to present appropriate paperwork.  Documentation is due by April 27th for absences during the final week of regular classes.

As stated in the University policy, I am expected to report if you miss over two consecutive classes with no explanation.  

Be on time!  Class begins promptly at 11:30.  Persons who arrive after 11:30 without a documented excuse may not be allowed to sign the attendance roster for that day. Tell me if you have work, practice, rehearsal, or an activity that will consistently make you late.   

If you leave the classroom more than once during the class period you may not be credited with having attended.  Excessive coming and going is disruptive to the classroom environment.  Let me know if you are ill and I will work with you on missed information  

Persons observed to be texting, reading, working on material from other courses, or “social chatting” may not be credited with having been in attendance

VERY, VERY IMPORTANT:  If you miss more than twelve class sessions in total (i.e., four weeks out of the semester) for unexcused absences, you should withdraw or you will be assigned a grade of “F” regardless of your performance on tests and presentations.  In-class questions and lectures cover critical information for your success.  It is easy for things to go downhill if you repeatedly miss class.  If you contract a major illness or are struggling with other issues, let me know as soon as possible.  We can discuss your options.  If necessary, the deadline for withdrawing from Spring 2020 courses is Friday, March 27th.  PSY 3316 is offered every other spring semester (next up in Spring 2022).