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There are 5 exams, each worth 50 points.  Exams may include multiple-choice, fill-in-the-blank, short-answer, and long-answer items.  The tests cover material from class and web sites.  Study guides for each exam will be available at the  class site at least one week before the scheduled date for the test.  

Make-up tests will be arranged for persons able to present a documented excuse, but you must make up a missed exam prior to the date for the next exam.  Cheating will result in zero points for an exam.

You will do three group presentations covering performance management, safety, and compensation.  A template for each presentation will be made available on the class web site.

You must go beyond in-class material.  Try to get the class involved!  Remember to give credit/cite the sources of your information on your slides!!!  Where appropriate, provide a handout of key points.  

Do not just show a video, read the presentation, or download slides from the web!!!  Each group presentation is worth up to 10 points.  You can "trade" members after each presentation.

Extra Credit -
For extra credit points, you may write a two-paragraph, typed summary for up to 2 articles regarding Human Resource Management issues from newspapers, magazines, or Internet news sites in the U.S. or other countries.  For example, you can summarize an article regarding workplace violence, compensation, etc.  If you are in doubt as to whether the article will count, please ask me before you do the write-up.  The article must have appeared in print or on the relevant web site after January 13th, 2020 and on or before April 20th, 2020.  Extra credit current event summaries must be turned in on or before April 20th, 2020.  

One paragraph of the summary should describe the article’s main points IN YOUR OWN WORDS. The second paragraph must discuss an implication of the event for HRM.  Print the first page of the original article and attach it to your summary.  Each current event summary is worth 3 extra credit points (total = 6 points).  A cover page is not necessary for current event summaries.